Group (Our Team) Profile & Scope

  •   Consultans.
  •  Contractors.
  •   Single window service.
  •   Land developer
  •   Joint ventures
  •  Third party auditors and assessors.
  •  Overseas marketing and trading.
  •   Liaison with statutory & regulatory authorities.
  •  Corporate training.
  •   Quality management system audit & documentation.
  •   Project report.
  •   Our Bankers
  •   Our associates:



We do all type of consultancy related to the building works and its developmental activities. A complete approach towards a require goal in the building works like, architectural, structural, electro-mechanical, and other essential services like fire safety, approvals from authorities for necessary permissions etc.


We do all contracting works of all type of projects by deploying efficient manpower with sufficient resources for the work. During execution we follow all quality checks and material test to minimize the risk in terms of its strength and sustainability. We under-take contracts of all works of high rise residential, commercial, public buildings etc. from moblisation to the handing over level, by adopting the quality & safety in the projects also plan with a system called Method of construction and statement of construction. (Well specified in the method of construction chapter)

Single Window service:

In this system we give all services starts from land take over to finished building handover which inclusive of legal services of property documents update, plan sanction from authorities, working plan, obtaining all clearance from authorities, planning, architectural design, steel structural design, architectural detailing drawings, interior furnishing power sanction, bird view (3D) drawing of elevation, water connection, lift gas line , loan sanction, estimation and budgeting, feasibility of the project, including technical and financial etc. complete.

Land development:

In this vacant land will be taken over and necessary clearance will be obtained from the authorities like NOC, approvals, layout formation with necessary infrastructure, including the basic amenities, formation of road etc. complete either service or the venture according to the by-laws of the government. Plots and villas will be made for marketing and will be ventured for the promotional activities.

Joint venture:

We do develop your land with a pre-determine percentage of area form the proposed sanction area of the project with a MOU among us for completion of the project. All approvals NOCs will be obtained before the commencement of the work.

Third party audit & assessment:

This service will be provided to the ongoing or proposed projects to control quality, cost, wastage and schedule, to avoid over run of cost, time, material manpower and wastage, during the planning and progress of the work. The frequency of the audit will be on quarterly/monthly basis depends on the need and demand of the required work.. In case of wastages a timely red alert will be communicated to the top management with remedial comments for the corrective preventative actions to minimize the above factors.

Overseas marketing and trading:

We are registered Dubai Municipality consultant, contractors and traders. We do marketing and consultancy services in the building development in UAE, also general trading in the export and import of the materials. Even we organize marketing counter in other countries also to facilitate the NRIs as in the field of real estate, construction and asset management of Indian properties.

Liaison with statutory & regulatory authorities:

We do obtain all the statutory and regulatory clearance from the government no objection certificates conversion of land, Layout/plan sanction, commencement and completion certificate bank loan sanction and settlement of loans etc. complete.

Project Report:

Based on the data available we design, plan, and estimate the proposal, also we analyze the technical and financial feasibility of the project in terms of its market value by collection the surrounding data to assess the nature of the scope desirable for its development.

Quality management system documents audits:

As per the existing system of the organization we design the QMS as per the norms of the ISO we evolve the quality management system Manual of the company as per the norms of the ISO to adopt, document, and implement in the day to day activities of the company‘s system. We conduct the system audits to check the proper implementation of the system at all levels of the organization. The audit frequency will be as per the need of the organization. This will help the organization to maintain the certificate without any break.

Training :

We also conduct the training in QMS, lean management, manpower management, personality development, business development and marketing techniques to the corporate and working staff.


We possess the capability to moblise the resources of the required task of the client and could organize more infrastructure on demand, based on the volume of the work. We can organize the work force as per the demand of the work of all activities.

Our tie-up

With SM scaffoldings and formwork, and chandan manpower providers of all works. For building works supreme const ructions For structural consultants Arsa engineering For RMC supply Pyramid concrete blocks and ready mix concrete.

Our Bankers:

Bank of India, Karnataka Bank limited, State bank of India.

Our associates:

we have esta blished business relationship with some reputed organization like supreme construction, SM construction, ARSA structural consultants etc. to obtained collective result of our performance.